Aztecs are first to offer Begg

Aztecs are first to offer Begg

Defensive lineman Nick Begg of Santa Margarita HS (Calif.) received his first scholarship offer, from San Diego State on Friday. He discuses his SDSU offer, his game, being an SDSU fan growing up and much more!

Defensive lineman Nick Begg of Santa Margarita HS (Calif.) received his first scholarship offer, from San Diego State on Friday.

"It was really a great feeling," Begg said. "I didn't expect it. I talked to [SDSU assistant] coach [Kevin] McGarry before and he told me he was really interested before but he wasn't ready to offer me yet. I wasn't expecting it from SDSU but I'm very thankful and happy about the opportunity."

Begg whose stats won't pop out on a stat sheet, does do a lot for his loaded Rancho Santa Margarita football team.

"I feel like on our team that I lead our d-line and I bring leadership, great attitude, work ethic to be able to push my friends and teammates in drills to keep them going and try harder to be the best we can be," Begg said.

The 6-foot-5 and 245-pound defensive lineman is trying to develop his body to help him become a greater player.

"I'm trying to improve my strength," Begg said. "Last year I was about 215 pounds and right now I'm at 245 and feel like I need to continue to get as strong as I can. I've been hitting the weight room really hard and just working on my quickness. I just want to be the best d-end I can be."

"Depending on what position I end up playing but if I stick with d-end, I'd like to be around 260, 270 but I also want to be a lean 260, 270," Begg said. "Made up of mostly muscle."

While Begg plays defensive end in a four man front for his high school team, he isn't sure what position he will be playing at the next level; if it will be defensive end, defensive tackle, offensive tackle or tight end.

"I don't prefer any position," Begg said. "I just want to play any position they could use me at the time. Whatever they want me to be, I'm ready to be."

"Coach McGarry said he could see me as a d-tackle if I gain some weight," Begg said. "He's not really sure what position I will be playing at in college."

As for this season, Begg will play both sides of the ball but since Santa Margarita doesn't use a tight end in their spread offense, he will be rotating in at wing in some games and starting at defensive end.

The versatile football player isn't sure where the Aztecs would want him to play if he was to commit to SDSU.

"Coach McGarry told me that they would like me to come to their camp and evaluate me, on where they are going to be using me in college," Begg said. "He was talking to me about the school and telling me everything about it. Wants me to come on a visit with my family, stuff like that."

The leader on the defensive line isn't positive if he will be able to make it to the SDSU camp due to spring practice but plans on taking an unofficial visit "sometime soon" with his family.

That being said, he couldn't be happier about receiving a scholarship offer from SDSU.

"I'm very interested in San Diego State," Begg said. "I'm very very happy that they offered. I have been talking to ASU the most, thought they would be the first to offer. I'm much more happier that SDSU was the first. I'm very very interested in SDSU."

The San Diego State coaching staff has been attacking the hotbed of talent at Santa Margarita HS and some of Begg's teammates reached out to him after the offer.

"Johnny Stanton was really happy for me and told me about when he got offered by them," Begg said. "Apparently my friend Riley Sorenson was offered by SDSU the same night as me so I talked to them about it. We all like SDSU and they are definitely being taken into consideration by all of our teammates."

What sticks out so much about SDSU?

"It's local," Begg said. "I've been a fan of San Diego State for a long time. I've gone to their games since I was a little kid and even have a signed team football in my room. I've felt that I wanted to stay in California and was kind of happy that a California school offered. It's kind of a dream because San Diego is such a nice environment and it's a good football team. Pretty good situation."

Begg's thoughts on the Aztecs moving to the Big East?

"My dad and I were actually just talked about this, makes me really happy because it's cool that they will be playing in a bigger conference and bigger schools," Begg said.

Begg has also been hearing from Arizona State, Boston College, UCLA and most of the Ivy League.

As for what deciding factors will help Begg come to a college decision.

"Just a good environment like where the campus is, the kids, the whole feel of the school," Begg said. "Definitely the coaching staff will play a huge part in that because if you like the coaching staff you will like where you are. They play a big part of a football players life."

Is there a timetable on when he would like to make his decision?

"Right now I just want to think about it for a second," Begg said. "I really want to know. I want to visit, talk to all the coaches, just make sure I know that this is the place I want to go. If it's that school then I want to commit. I'm weighing out my options first. Not sure how long I'm going to wait, not sure if it will be a short time or a long time."

The college football program Begg eventually commits to will be landing the ultimate team player.

"I feel like I would bring a good mental attitude to the team, get the whole team to buy in to what the coaches are saying and what we are doing, trying to give a championship effort," Begg said. "Hopefully get SDSU to really have some success the next few years."

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