SDSU the favorite to land Boesen

3-star ATH Mat Boesen

Athlete Mat Boesen of West HS in Torrance (Calif.) picked up his first offer, San Diego State, about a month ago and has been marinating on the Aztecs offer ever since. He discusses why SDSU is leading the way, being recruited as an athlete, how he fits both offensively/defensively and much more!

Athlete Mat Boesen of West HS in Torrance (Calif.) picked up his first offer, San Diego State, about a month ago and has been marinating on the Aztecs offer ever since.

"Right now, SDSU is my favorite," Boesen said.

"They have what I'm looking to major in, which is business communications, every school has that too," Boesen said. "The weather, the scenery, everything is great down there. The coaches were really nice; it's close to home. I fit in perfectly on the offense and defense so it would be a good fit."

"They [SDSU] offered me as an athlete, gives me a lot of options on what I can play." Boesen said. "I fit in there really well on both sides of the ball."

The 6-foot-4 and 220-pound man plays both tight end and defensive end for his high school team. Boesen doesn't have any personal preference on what position he would like to play at the next level, nor does the San Diego State coaching staff, yet.

"They said I have a weird type," Boesen said. "I could be a linebacker for them, tight end or defensive end. They really like what I can bring to their team."

Last season, Boesen had 31 catches going for 419 yards with 3 touchdowns along with 50 solo tackles and 29 assists on the defensive side of the ball. His athletic ability gives him different attributes for each position.

"I feel like I'm a receiving tight end," Boesen said. "I got good hands because I'm a wrestler and grip the ball real well. I'm good at creating space and getting open."

"[Defensive end] I can get around people with my hands real well," Boesen said. "I'm strong and I can hold my ground even though I'm not the biggest person out there. Use my speed to get around big guys and outwork them with my technique."

Boesen hasn't played the linebacker position since his freshman year.

It doesn't matter what position the 3-star prospect plans on playing, he has one goal this offseason: get more athletic.

"I'm trying to get faster, of course," Boesen said. "I'm trying to get a little bigger."

"I need to work on my weight," Boesen said. "I'm about 210 [pounds] right now so I need to get my weight up."

"When I first come in [to college] I hope to be 240," Boesen said. "I'm going to play this year around 220-225. When I get around to college, I want to be 240."

In that weight range, the stud athlete feels that's the perfect weight for any position. He also likes the idea of being recruited as an "athlete."

"I thought it was pretty cool because if one of the spots is filled or taken by an upperclassmen, I can come in and work at the other positions," Boesen said. "Also if the position is taken, I could outwork them too."

Boesen seems to be an ideal fit on both SDSU's offense and defense.

"[Offense] It's perfect," Boesen said. "We just changed last year into the spread so that's what I have been running."

"I think I would fit in well on defense too because at my school we also run a 3-3-5 but they don't really let me do all those stunts that SDSU is doing," Boesen said. "I love doing stunts, getting outside, all that."

San Diego State assistant coach Tony White has been the lead recruiter for the freakish competitor.

"He just said he really likes me, super interested." Boesen said. "He loves what I can bring to the team."

Boesen has also been hearing from Boise State to play defensive end and Arizona State, Washington and Houston for tight end.

On what a school needs to have to land the LA gridiron star?

"Education as in the major I want, have to like the area, its not just football, good town, coaches have to fit in with the coaches game plan," Boesen said.

Boesen hopes to make visits to Boise State and Arizona State sometime this June. He isn't sure if he can make it out to SDSU for their camp due to school.

As for when he would like to commit?

"Not right now, just seeing what's going on," Boesen said. "I'm just waiting out my options and see what else comes." Recommended Stories

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